Recording Hey Mikey - 1989

Recording Hey Mikey - 1989

This is the original version of “Hey Mikey” that I recorded shortly after writing in 1989. I had just left a band in Timonium, but still kept in touch with the drummer, “Bubba” (Andy Jones). My buddy Mike Stotler had put me in touch with a bass player friend of his, Ronnie Taber, whom I had met a few times at parties, and jammed with once or twice. We lacked a singer until fate intervened, when an insurance agent at my step-father’s office mentioned that his brother sang in a band. More often than not, such claims end in utter disappointment for those of us seeking talented band members, as the litmus test of “impressing your family” typically does not guarantee the skill-set required to play in a band that actually performs or is recording in a somewhat costly recording studio. I nervously sent his brother, Danny Miller, a tape. We met one time with Danny, discussed his interpretation of the song, and hoped for the best

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. When Danny finally recorded his vocals, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was outstanding. Sadly, none of my future bands succeeded in recruiting Danny away from his reasonably successful local band, Apollo Ra.

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3 Comments to “Hey Mikey!”

  1. Mike says:

    Sadly, those jeans are no longer on my list of “age appropriate” clothing. 🙂

  2. Mr. Safety says:

    Question is, do you still have those jeans?????

  3. Stot says:

    20 years ago!? For anybody who does not think that this Big Blue Ball we live on keeps track of time… I am, with a second hand!

    I still look the same, though! =;o)>

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